Maximising Study for BPTs

Monday, 6 April, 2020 Studying

There is no doubt that Basic Physician Training is one of the most challenging and difficult times in the life of Basic Physician Trainees (BPTs).

Progression through Basic Physician Training is mandatory to enter advanced training and subsequently achieve specialist registration. However, this period can make a significant impact on candidates physical and mental health, relationships and finances. A huge amount of sacrifice is often required in order to pass Basic Physician Training.

In addition to the standard long working hours as medical registrar, BPTs are required to study incredible hours outside of work. Some BPTs feel like they study more than they work!


For these reasons, it is absolutely essential that you maximise the time that you do study


BPTs need the up-to-date, evidence-based information that sticks in the memory as efficiently as possible.


Correct Information


If you are studying from the wrong information then you won’t pass the RACP exam, simple.

Pick your resources wisely. Evidence-based literature is essential. Google searches and Wikipedia will not suffice. There are a limited number of peer-reviewed publications in existence. Even fewer of these highlight the needs of a BPT. Sifting through excess information is not time efficient. The current curriculum for BPTs is huge and it is not be realistic to cover all of this content with such a great depth of knowledge.


Top Physician is based purely on the RACP curriculum and compiled from evidence-based resources and updated on a regular basis



Ensuring you maximise your study periods is important. Trying to bring together information from multiple resources can be time-consuming, tiring and confusing. Having a structured resource allows you to digest the information clearly and improve recall.

The role of your study environment cannot be underplayed. Read in well-lit areas in a comfortable seat. Hand-write your own notes based of your resources for better recall. Read over your own notes in a comfortable, quiet space. Whilst this sounds simple and basic, there is nothing more frustrating than wasting social time on study details you cannot remember.


Top Physician splits the RACP curriculum into digestible individual lessons designed to provide the backbone of BPT study in a memorable way



A part of studying effectively is studying efficiently. You need time away from work and study in order to maintain a good work-life balance, reduce stress and avoid burn out prior to the RACP exam.

One method of improving efficiency is reducing your research time. Having only a few key resources to form the core of your knowledge is time-effective. Spending lots of time searching for one answer is inefficient. You should aim to have resources available that give you the information that you need, so you can package this up and recall it when required.


Top Physician is the most comprehensive online review of the RACP curriculum and the content is provided in individual lessons to maximise your study efficiency


Top Physician

Top Physician is a resource designed specifically for BPTs sitting the RACP exam. It provides the backbone structure to your study. It is the essential, high-yield material derived from the RACP curriculum that gives you a headstart in building your own notes. Adding extra information from other evidence-based resources will further improve your knowledge and prepare you for exams.


The information is displayed in a manner to maximise your recall. Once you think you know a topic, you can test yourself with thousands of MCQs that can be filtered to your needs.

Closer to the RACP exam, you should have complied all of your notes and be in firm revision-mode. At this time, formal practice exams will be available and you will receive confidential, individualised feedback in each specialty and against the cohort of other members sitting the exam.