BPT Resources to Pass the RACP Written Exam

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It is essential to use multiple resources in order to gain the greatest breadth and depth of education during your Basic Physician Training. In order to pass the RACP exam, it is wise to combine content from multiple resources and build your knowledge.

We recommend using Top Physician to provide the bulk of your core knowledge and test yourself using the thousands of available MCQs and numerous practice exams, however it is wise to use a combination of the resources to supplement your learning!


Online Resources


Top Physician

The only online, comprehensive resource designed specifically for Basic Physician Trainees in Australia and New Zealand. This platform provides detailed, evidence-based, up-to-date lessons in all medical specialties, as well as thousands of practice MCQs, actual practice exams leading up to the RACP written exam with individual feedback and a range of other tools for BPTs. With no travel required and 24/7 online access to all the material to be completed at your own pace, this course is the most accessible basic physician resource available.



RACP College Lectures

The only educational resource provided by RACP at an additional cost. Guest speakers provide lecture-based material on individual topics. Generally, lectures are provided once per week. These generally occur on Thursday evenings and can supplement your knowledge well if you have already studied the topic beforehand. Most lectures are recorded.




The most in-depth medical resource available. UpToDate provides evidence-based reviews of every medical condition and is not just limited to medicine, but includes surgical and other specialty information. This resource is not built for BPTs though, and there is no link to the RACP curriculum. It provides a fantastic resource to supplement the core knowledge provided by Top Physician.



New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

NEJM has become the largest medical journal in the world. The majority of landmark clinical trials have been published here in recent years. New RACP exam questions can be based off clinical trials published in the last few years, so it is worth maintaining your knowledge of recent publications. NEJM website provides free online versions of must articles.



Pass Medicine

This UK-based website is a question bank of physician-related MCQs. It was designed to support British physicians-in-training prepare for the MRCP (RACP equivalent exam). Some of the content may not be relevant to RACP exams and not consistent with local guidelines.



Written Resources



This American-based series of textbooks is a good resource for junior BPTs. The content delivers a solid understanding of the basic science aspect of medicine and specialties. However, the level of complexity and detail is not sufficient to pass the RACP exam and we recommend this resource for new BPTs before entering their 12-month period of study for the RACP written exam.



Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine

One of the most renound texts available for budding medical specialits. Harrison's is the complete publication for BPTs. Probably the most in-depth piece of literature with respect to clinical presentation, pathophysiology, diagnostics and management aspects.



Davidson’s Principles & Practice of Medicine

A fantastic review of basic science, pathophysiology and clinical concepts featured in the curriculum for the RACP exam. This text provides an excellent overview for the junior physician early in BPT training.



Passing the FRACP Written Examination

This text provides additional examples of MCQs similar to RACP past exams. The questions are supported by answers with explanations. It can provide additional questions for BPTs to test themselves with just before the RACP exam. You can never take too many practice questions!



Journals to watch

Monitor journals regularly for new publications that might be practice-changing. There have been many MCQs based on recent journal articles on previous RACP exams.

  • The Medical Journal of Australia (AMJ)

  • New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

  • The Lancet

  • British Medical Journal (BMJ)

  • Australian Prescriber


Visit our post regarding other courses in Australia to further your BPT education in preparation for FRACP written examination - https://topphysician.com.au/courses-help-bpts-pass-racp-written-exam



Top Physician holds no affiliation with any companies or resources listed above. The education providers listed are responsible for their own content and are not endorsed by Top Physician in any manner.